Simplify Your Life with Monica: The Open-Source Personal CRM

In our busy lives, it can be challenging to keep track of the important details and connections that make up our personal and professional relationships. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help you maintain and nurture those connections effortlessly. Enter Monica, the open-source personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. In this blog post, we will explore Monica’s features and benefits, and how it can revolutionize the way you manage your personal network. Continue reading “Simplify Your Life with Monica: The Open-Source Personal CRM”

Collaboration Feature in CloudJiffy

Every large project is a result of the joint effort of multiple people. However, different team members working in a single account is not an efficient workflow that can cause numerous problems (including security issues). CloudJiffy PaaS provides a reliable account collaboration feature that greatly facilitates joint development and management, ensuring successful and efficient collaboration. Continue reading “Collaboration Feature in CloudJiffy”

Plausible: Self-Hosted Google Analytics alternative

Plausible Analytics is a 100% open source web analytics tool. They aim to reduce corporate surveillance by making a useful and privacy-friendly website analytics tool that doesn’t come from the adtech world.

Plausible provides you with actionable data to help you learn and improve, while the visitor keeps having a nice and enjoyable experience. Cookies are not used and no personal data is collected. There’s no cross-site or cross-device tracking either. Continue reading “Plausible: Self-Hosted Google Analytics alternative”

How secure is CloudJiffy?

Security of your data is one of our top priorities. CloudJiffy was built talking this into consideration. Here are a few security features that will put your mind at ease.

Container – Malware protected: CloudJiffy is built on Container technology. Containers can directly talk to the Kernels and do not require an operating system to run. Hence any kind of Malware that enters your system will not get executed. Continue reading “How secure is CloudJiffy?”

Inbuilt features in CloudJiffy

One of the ideologies behind building CloudJiffy is the ease of use and consolidation of all the required tools in one place. With this in mind, we have inbuilt the following solution In CloudJiffy.

Auto Scaling: As CloudJiffy is based on microservice architecture built on containers, we provide both Vertical and Horizontal scaling built in the platform. The platform can automatically allocate and deallocate resources based on the traffic requirements. This is done to ensure you always have the best performance. Continue reading “Inbuilt features in CloudJiffy”

How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?

CloudJiffy is a Self-managed platform with ‘Pay-As-You-Consume’ pricing. CloudJiffy only charges you based on the resources you actually consume. So you need not have any fixed cost and you need not pay for unused resources. 

To know more about how the pricing in CloudJiffy works, please visit our blog.

Can I optimize my cost further?

Yes, You can optimize your cost even more. Here are a few tricks: Continue reading “How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?”