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Cloud Platform For Developers

Deploy your application instantly on our fully redundant, high performance and scalable Cloud Platform-as-a-Service. Choose the required runtimes and install different software stacks just in a few clicks.

Automated Deployment

Deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Python and Docker applications with no code changes using GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA

No Capacity Planning

CloudJiffy will automatically scale your application containers vertically and horizontally, ensuring you only pay for the resources you consume. No capacity planning or resource wastage. CloudJiffy uses granular 128MB cloudlets.

DevOps Automation

CloudJiffy dashboard provides an intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, team collaboration functionality and integration
with CI/CD tools

Pay-as-you-use pricing model

There is no need to reserve resources, as the platform allocates them automatically based on the current load and using a small scaling step (128 MiB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU).

Secure and reliable

We take pride in providing a secure and solid platform to our customers with 24/7/365 world-class technical support and a 99.99% uptime SLA for all services.

One Click Applications

Install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc as standalone applications or load balanced HA-clusters with 1-click from our Marketplace.

Trusted by the most innovative companies

Serving customers across the globe

Save 80% cloud costs - use

Stop worrying about how much cloud capacity you need. CloudJiffy automatically scales up resources when required and scales down when not required, ensuring that you Always Pay for What you Use.

Asked Questions

What is a CloudJiffy environment?

CloudJiffy groups your application containers into environments. This is just a collection of containers (servers) all devoted to serving the same application(s) or website(s); CloudJiffy automatically configures links between these servers on your behalf (for example, if you have a load balancer, it’s automatically configured to send traffic to the web servers within the same environment).

Can you help me to migrate my application to CloudJiffy?

Our expert migration team can migrate any number of websites or web applications to your new CloudJiffy PaaS account with a minimum charge. We’re available 24×7 to help with any questions or problems you may have during the process.

How is CloudJiffy secure?

CloudJiffy uses secure containers so that you do not have the management headache of the kernel, patches, or updates. We secure your container ports by default and provide you with an easy to use web based firewall. Your account can be protected via additional Two-Factor Authentication.