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Inbuilt features in CloudJiffy

One of the ideologies behind building CloudJiffy is the ease of use and consolidation of all the required tools in one place. With this in mind, we have inbuilt the following solution In CloudJiffy.

Auto Scaling: As CloudJiffy is based on microservice architecture built on containers, we provide both Vertical and Horizontal scaling built in the platform. The platform can automatically allocate and deallocate resources based on the traffic requirements. This is done to ensure you always have the best performance.

FTP: In CloudJiffy, FTP is available as an addon. You can avail FTP with one click.

SSL: CloudJiffy provides you free let’s encrypt SSL certificates with a few clicks from the addon section.

SSH: You can SSH into any container with just a click. In CloudJiffy, you need not install any other application like Putty, etc to have SSH access. Simply click on the SSH option and you will have SSH access to that particular Node.

CDN: CloudJiffy provides an inbuilt CDN with the platform. We work with Verizon EdgePort for this service. They have 130+ PoPs across the globe. So if you have a global audience, you can avail this service from our addon to reduce latency. Please note CDN is charged based on consumption.

CICD: CloudJiffy provides a robust CICD pipeline. You can connect your repositories like Github, SVN, Bitbucket, etc, and set up how the deployment should happen. Based on the architecture CloudJiffy can provide a Zero Downtime deployment solution.

Backups: We take a snapshot backup of your containers on a daily basis and keep the backup for the last 7 days free of charge. If you require a much frequent or longer backup, in that case, our team can set that up for you. Please note that additional backup will be charged based on the storage that is being consumed.

Monitoring: The platform has inbuilt monitoring services to showcase what is your actual resource consumption so that you can optimize your resource allocation and architecture accordingly.

Alerts: You can set custom alerts based on various parameters like RAM, CPU, Storage, etc for each of your microservices so that you are always aware of what is happening in your instances. The alerts will be sent to your registered email ID when they are triggered.

Cloning: You can clone your environment at a click of a button. In case if you want to make any changes or try a new version you can clone the environment and experiment on the cloned environment . Once satisfied with the results you can replicate the same in the live instance or change the pointing to the cloned environment. 

These are few of the most commonly used inbuilt features in CloudJiffy. CloudJiffy also has many other features that helps our clients with automating the platform and not worry about the uptime and let the platform handle everything for you. 

If you would like to know more similar features, you can simply book a demo of the platform by clicking here.

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