How secure is CloudJiffy?

Security of your data is one of our top priorities. CloudJiffy was built talking this into consideration. Here are a few security features that will put your mind at ease.

Container – Malware protected: CloudJiffy is built on Container technology. Containers can directly talk to the Kernels and do not require an operating system to run. Hence any kind of Malware that enters your system will not get executed.

Free Firewall: We provide a free firewall with every environment you create. The firewall rules can be set for each container and can be customized according to your requirements directly from the platform.

Free SSL: CloudJiffy provides you with free LetsEncrypt SSL and will auto-renew it without your intervention.

Access Control: (Two Factor Authentication, Collaboration) – You can set Two Factor Authentication to ensure people using this are verified. Rather than sharing your credentials with anyone you can add them as a collaborator in which case they will have to create their own credentials.

Root Access: CloudJiffy doesn’t provide Root access to most of the containers. This prevents users from making any changes in the backend. However, you can achieve all the required accessibility right from the platform without the need for root access.

Back up: We take a SnapShot backup of your container on a daily basis. And the back for the last 7 days is available to you on request. If you want a longer or more frequent backup then you can let our team know and we can assist you with a solution.

Tier 3/4 Datacenters: CloudJiffy is only hosted in datacenter with Tier 3 or above rating. The reason for the same is that you have multiple power, cooling and network to ensure you always have access to the data and do not lose data because of failures.

DDoS protected network: CloudJiffy is set up on DDoS protected networks. The system can identify and isolate the source of the attack making sure your data is always safe.

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