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How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?

CloudJiffy is a Self-managed platform with ‘Pay-As-You-Consume’ pricing. CloudJiffy only charges you based on the resources you actually consume. So you need not have any fixed cost and you need not pay for unused resources. 

To know more about how the pricing in CloudJiffy works, please visit our blog.

Can I optimize my cost further?

Yes, You can optimize your cost even more. Here are a few tricks:


When you first create an environment, we suggest keeping the reserved cloudlets to a minimum requirement and keep the scaling to the maximum resources that you think you might require. Once your environment is live and you have visitors to the site, we would suggest you understand your resource consumption and reallocate the resources. 

How can I do that?

You can use our inbuilt monitoring tool to understand your resource consumptions like RAM, CPU, Storage, and Traffic. 

If you hover your mouse in front of the nodes, you will see an option called statistics. You can view the statistics for the entire layer or for a particular node. Once you click on Statistics, you can see the actual consumption of RAM, CPU, Storage, and Network from the past hour to the past month. 

Based on these statistics, you can reallocate the reserved and dynamic resources and the number of nodes. The reserved resources have a higher discount margin when compared to dynamic cloudlets. So you can allocate the reserved cloudlets accordingly and reduce the cost even further. 

Start/Stop Scheduler

CloudJiffy also provides an automated Start/Stop scheduler. This can be used for applications that will be used during specific hours of the day. 

Eg: Let’s say that you have an application that runs from 9 AM to 5 PM, which means that this application will not be used from 5 PM to 9 AM. In traditional hosting, you will have to pay for the entire month irrelevant of the usage of the hosting. Hence paying extra money for unused resources. 

With Cloudjiffy’s Start/Stop scheduler, you can set specific days of the week and time when you want the application to start and stop. 

How will this help me save costs?

CloudJiffy charges you based on consumption so if you stop the environment you will not be charged for computing and traffic. So in other words you will only be charged for the hours you are using the application. Thus saving you a huge amount of cost.

Note: if you are exceeding the free storage limit or if you have a public IP attached to your environment in that case you will still be charged for the extra storage and public IP

Remove Public IPs

In CloudJiffy assigning public IP to your environment is very easy you can avail at one click. Public IP would be charged to you as long as it is allocated to your environment (even if the environment is stopped). If you are not using the environment in that case we would suggest you remove the public IP so that you are not being charged for it.

Note: If you remove the public IP then the IP will go back to the IP pool and when you want a public IP, the IP allocation happens by the platform and you might not get the same public IP again.

Domain Name

If you have an internal application that does not require a domain name, then you can choose CloudJiffy’s subdomain to host your application. So you do not have to spend money on buying new domains


CloudJiffy provides you with a free Let’sEncrypt SSL which you can use for CloudJiffy’s subdomain or if you have your own domain you can bind SSL to your domain as well. Thus saving the further cost of procuring SSL.

These are the few tips by which you can optimize the cost of your hosting.  If you have any queries please reach out support team at and we will be happy to assist. 

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