How does the pricing in CloudJiffy work?

Contrary to the fixed pricing model provided by most of the hosting companies, CloudJiffy charges you based on your actual consumption. 

Is that better?

Definitely! Taking an example, let’s say you need a minimum of 4 GB RAM for your application to run. Now before purchasing your hosting solution, i.e VPS or a Dedicated server, you will have to consider, the following: 

  • How many resources will I need on average based on traffic?
  • What if the traffic increases?

Considering the above 2 points you will purchase approximately 16 GB RAM just to make sure your application runs smoothly and can handle the spike in traffic. What you are doing here is basically paying for unused resources. 

In CloudJiffy, you can set a minimum and maximum limit to every layer of your environment and you will be charged based on the consumption done by you on an hourly basis. So you will never have to pay more than your usage. 

How does the pricing work?

CloudJiffy charges you based on the below parameters:

  • Compute(Cloudlets)
  • Storage
  • Traffic
  • IP
  • CDN 
  • LiteSpeed



In CloudJiffy we have bundled our resources with Cloudlets. Each cloudlet is a bundle of 128 MB RAM and 400 MHz CPU.  8 Cloudlets = 1 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz CPU ~ 1 CPU core. With every 1 GB RAM, you get 1 CPU core. 

CloudJiffy has two types of Cloudlets: 

  1. Reserved
  2. Dynamic

Reserved Cloudlets are the minimum amount of resources that you have fixed. The platform will allocate these resources to your containers at all times and will be charged independently of your usage. 

The per-unit cost of reserved cloudlets is less as compared to dynamic cloudlets. The cloudlets are charged to you based on the pricing slab under which they fall. 

Eg:  If you reserve 4 GB RAM as that is the minimum amount of resources needed by you to run your application. We suggest you reserve 4 GB RAM i.e. 32 cloudlets.

If you refer to CloudJiffy’s pricing page you will be able to see that 32 reserved cloudlets fall under the 32-63 slab under which each cloudlet is charged at 51 INR. (Considering INR pricing for Indian customers for India location) 

So for the 32 reserved cloudlets, you will be charged at 32 x 51 = 1632 INR/ month

Now you might ask what if I change the reserved resources towards the middle of the month?

As you know CloudJiffy charges you on an hourly basis if you change reserved resources on a particular day of a particular month, let’s say on the 10th day at 12 pm then you will be charged according to the new reserved resources from that particular hour.

Dynamic Cloudlets is the maximum limit you want the nodes to scale. The way this works is that when the minimum resources i.e. reserved cloudlets are completely consumed and the incoming traffic requires more resources to provide a seamless performance, the platform will automatically allocate more resources. The allocation of resources will be fulfilled until the maximum limit set by you is reached. 

Eg: You need a minimum of 4 GB RAM for your application to run. So you set the minimum limit(reserved cloudlets) to 4 GB RAM. However, you are expecting a lot more traffic and have set the scaling limit to the maximum resources you think would be required if there is a spike in traffic. Let’s say 10 GB RAM.

Let’s take a scenario where your application is running smoothly with the 4 GB RAM that you had reserved. Your team runs a promotion and the number of visitors to your site increases and 4 GB RAM is no longer enough. The platform will allocate resources, 1 cloudlet at a time (scaling happens in milliseconds) just to make sure the incoming traffic can be catered to.

Here comes the interesting part. Like you know CloudJiffy charges you based on the actual consumption. So each dynamic cloudlet will be charged to you for a particular hour it is consumed.

Taking the above example, You had reserved 4 GB throughout the month and with the spike in traffic, you needed let say 6 GB RAM for a particular hour.

The cost of reserved resources will be 1632 INR/ month (based on the calculation in the example above)

Now you have used an extra 2 GB for a particular hour. I.e. 16 cloudlets. If you refer to the Dynamic cloudlet cost on our pricing page, you will see that 16 cloudlets fall under 16-31 cloudlets. So you will be charged 57 INR/cloudlet/month.

But I have used it only for an hour!

Yes, let us assume, the average number of hours in a month is 730. So the cost/ cloudlet/ hr in this case would be 57 / 730 = 0.0780 INR. So the cost of using extra 16 cloudlets for a particular hour would be 0.0780 x 16 = 1.248 INR.

So you did not have to pre-purchase 6 GB RAM. So you are spending less as you are charged based on the actual consumption.

Once the traffic is back to normal and you do not need more than 4 GB RAM, then, in that case, the dynamic resources are deallocated and you will only be charged for the reserved resources.

If you stop the environment, CloudJiffy does not charge you for the reserved and dynamic resources.



We only use SSD storage in CloudJiffy and with every environment, you get 20 GB SSD storage free of charge. So if the storage is below 20 GB then it’s free. You can reserve the storage limit to what you need but the charges are only applicable when you actually consume. So if you reserved 100 GB and use only 15 GB then you are not charged anything.

What if I exceed 20 GB?

As per the pricing page, if you exceed 20 GB storage, then each GB is charged to you based on the amount of storage consumed by you.

Eg: Let’s say you are using 150 GB storage. Then, in this case, the 1st 20 GB is free and the remaining 130 GB will be charged on an hourly basis. Referring to the pricing page on our website (click on disk space), you will see that 130 GB falls under 100 GB – 499 GB. In this case, each GB that exceeds the 20 GB free limit is charged at 0.004110 INR/ hr. Hence the total cost will be 390 INR. If you use more than 20 GB of Storage for a few hours then, you will only be charged for those hours.

If you stop your environment, then, in that case, any storage more than 20 GB will be charged to you on an hourly basis.



In CloudJiffy we provide 1 GB of free traffic every hour to each environment under your account. So in a month, you get 720 GB(30 days a month) – 744 GB(31 days a month)  free of charge per environment. If your traffic consumption is more than 1 GB for a particular hour then, each GB is charged to you based on the cumulative sum of resources used in the last month.


Month 1: You have used extra bandwidth of 600 GB. This month the bandwidth will be charged at 4 INR/ GB. As this is the first month and the default cost per GB traffic is 4 INR.


Month 2: Let say you have used 400 GB extra bandwidth this month. As you have used 600 GB in the last month, you can see on our pricing page that 600 GB falls under 500 GB – 999 GB. Hence each GB will be charged at 3.5 INR/ GB. So the total cost of bandwidth would be 400 x 3.5 INR = 1400 INR

So every month you will be charged based on the previous month’s total extra bandwidth consumed.

If you stop an environment, you will not be charged for traffic as you will not be consuming any traffic.


Public IP:

Each IP is charged at 0.137 INR/ hr. The IP will be charged to you if it is allocated to you irrelevant of the usage.

In case you stop the environment, the Public IP will be charged to you as long as it is allocated to the environment.


CDN (applicable only if availed):

CloudJiffy works with Verizon Edgeport for our CDN requirements. They have more than 130 PoPs across the globe.

The pricing is based on two parameters.

  1. Total Traffic to the Server
  2. Total Request.

Each GB that is transferred from the server is charged at 7 INR  and every 10,000 HTTP/HTTPS Requests is charged at 0.525 INR.


LiteSpeed Licenses (applicable only if availed):

LiteSpeed is a high-performance web server and load balancer for PHP. Contrary to the pricing policy in CloudJiffy, the licenses for LiteSpeed are allocated to you at all times based on the scaling limit. The reason for the same is that licenses are based on resource consumption and cannot be allocated in real-time based on traffic spikes and dips. Hence the licenses are allocated based on the maximum limit set by you.

You can view all the billing in the platform by clicking on the yellow icon on the right side of the environment on the main page and get a detailed view of the pricing.



How much cost can I save with CloudJiffy? 

The costing for each environment depends on various parameters like the number of visitors, the size of each page, the number of requests, etc.

As per our observation, we notice that an average user uses only 40% of the server they purchase. The reason behind buying a bigger server is to ensure that if and when there is a spike in traffic the application/site shouldn’t go down or provide a slow performance. Hence paying a lot more than required.

​​With CloudJiffy real-time scaling ability and ‘Pay-As You-Consume’ pricing model, we can help you reduce the cost by about 40%*

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