How can CloudJiffy help your business grow?

An organization should always have a hosting service that will help it not only in saving the hosting cost but also should help grow its business.

Many organization faces the following obstacles while trying to host any application or site:

    • DevOps
    • Managing multiple servers for multiple projects
    • Setting up instances
    • Monitoring the resources
    • Forecasting the resources
    • Fixed Costing

This is where CloudJiffy comes into the picture. The idea on which CloudJiffy was built was not just a hosting solution but also automating tedious activities and reducing your efforts on hosting so that you can focus your time and efforts on growing the business. 

How do we do that?

CloudJiffy provides you with a wide range of hosting automation like Auto vertical and horizontal scaling, CICD pipeline, etc. Hence load on your DevOps team is reduced. In addition to this, the platform also supports an inbuilt monitoring and alert system which will notify you when the set alerts are triggered. So your team need not monitor instances constantly to cater to the rise and fall in traffic. 

Considering this is a PaaS you can manage all your projects from one account. You need not get multiple accounts for multiple projects. Thus reducing the hassle of procurement and managing all the different instances separately. 

In addition to the above, you can create an instance at a click of a few buttons. Thus the efforts for installing and connecting various layers like your application layer, Database layer, storage layer, caching layer, etc are reduced drastically. 

The platform provides you with a Monitoring solution where you can see the resources consumed by you within the past month. You can also set custom alerts based on RAM, CPU, storage, etc which will help you track your usage. 

Based on the monitoring system you can reallocate resources (scaling limits and reserved resources) so that the instance can handle the incoming traffic. Still too tedious? You can also automate the scaling by setting a few custom parameters and the platform will automatically allocate all the resources based on the set parameters. 

In addition to the above, CloudJiffy provides you with the ‘Pay-As-You-Consume’ pricing model. In traditional hosting, you need to spend a fixed amount every month on extra resources which you may not use. CloudJiffy will only charge you for the actual resources that you consume. This will reduce your cost as you generally do not use your hosting’s complete resources. 

How will it help me grow my business?

We reduce your time and efforts on hosting and managing your instances. Thus liberating you to focus on the things that require your attention and at the same time, CloudJiffy also charges you based on your consumption. So you are spending less and your efforts are reduced and you are free to spend your time and money on other things to grow your business.

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