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How can we support you?

CloudJiffy is a Self-Managed platform. The platform was built with intention that you need not rely on us for anything. However, if you need any assistance with the platform, we are here to assist.

Here are things that we support.

Platform queries- Any queries in regards to the platform’s interface and the functionality of the platform will be supported by our technical team.

Network queries- If you have any queries related to the network our support team will be able to assist you. 

Migration – We provide free migration for PHP-based applications. The support for other languages will be made in the future. For any other languages, the team can provide you a guide on how to migrate. 

Codes – Unfortunately, CloudJiffy team will NOT be able to provide you support in regards to codes for your application/ website. We will NOT be setting up the instance or altering the set configurations. The reason for this is that the team is an expert on the platform and not an expert on all the languages.  So we recommend talking to your developers to help you with the code. 


Support Mediums

CloudJiffy provides 24×7 Support via various mediums

  • Call – You can reach our support team on +91 9595 233 556 
  • Chat – You can chat with our team by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of the platform or our website.
  • Tickets – You can raise a ticket from the platform by clicking on the ‘Help’ option on the top and then by clicking on ‘Contact Support’ You can share detailed information about the support required and also set the priority of the tickets.
  • Email – You can also raise a support ticket by sending an email to from your registered email ID.
  • Knowledge base – If you would like to explore the platform, you can visit our knowledge base by clicking on ‘Help’ option on the top and by clicking on ‘Documentation’.

 If you have any queries, we recommend you to raise a ticket first and then reach out to the support team, as this gives the support team context to the issues and helps them investigate the problem. 


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