CloudJiffy 6.1.2 – Release Notes

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements, and visible changes included in the CloudJiffy PaaS 6.1.2 release.

New Features:

1. Topology Wizard Improvements

A major overhaul of the topology builder for the environment wizard was performed in the current 6.1 Cloudjiffy release. The main change is the implementation of the ability to search for the required software stack and add it to any layer. The standard approach recommends the following topology structure from top to bottom:

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How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?

CloudJiffy is a Self-managed platform with ‘Pay-As-You-Consume’ pricing. CloudJiffy only charges you based on the resources you actually consume. So you need not have any fixed cost and you need not pay for unused resources. 

To know more about how the pricing in CloudJiffy works, please visit our blog.

Can I optimize my cost further?

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