How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?

CloudJiffy is a Self-managed platform with ‘Pay-As-You-Consume’ pricing. CloudJiffy only charges you based on the resources you actually consume. So you need not have any fixed cost and you need not pay for unused resources. 

To know more about how the pricing in CloudJiffy works, please visit our blog.

Can I optimize my cost further?

Yes, You can optimize your cost even more. Here are a few tricks: Continue reading “How to optimize cost in CloudJiffy?”

How does the pricing in CloudJiffy work?

Contrary to the fixed pricing model provided by most of the hosting companies, CloudJiffy charges you based on your actual consumption. 

Is that better?

Definitely! Taking an example, let’s say you need a minimum of 4 GB RAM for your application to run. Now before purchasing your hosting solution, i.e VPS or a Dedicated server, you will have to consider, the following:  Continue reading “How does the pricing in CloudJiffy work?”