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This week template updates

Hi All,

This week we have the following template updates:


TomEE 8.0.3

TomEE 8.0.3 has been added. In this version, below are the changes:
TomEE 8.0.3 and 7.1.3 versions no longer include Xalan or Serializer. If your applications depend on these libraries, you may need to include them in your application.


ProxySQL 2.0.12

This release includes ProxySQL 2.0.12 which fixes many bugs and introduces a number of features and enhancements.


Nodejs 14.5.0

In this update, the V8 engine is updated to version 8.3
This version includes performance improvements and now allows WebAssembly modules to request memories up to 4GB in size.


Nodejs 12.18.2

In this version below are the changes:

deps: V8: backport fb26d0bb1835 (Matheus Marchini) #33573
Fixes memory leak in PrototypeUsers::Add

src: use symbol to store AsyncWrap resource (Anna Henningsen) #31745
Fixes reported memory leak in #33468


Have a good weekend!

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