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CloudJiffy 8.2.4 Release Notes

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements, and visible changes included in the CloudJiffy 8.2.4 release.

What’s New?

SSH Key Types Support

The ECDSA key type is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to the standard RSA keys. As a result of such a growing demand, the platform implements support of this new SSH key type in the current 8.2.4 PaaS version. Additionally, the deprecated ssh-dss (DSA) public key algorithm is now explicitly forbidden instead of just being recommended against. The platform will show a warning about insufficient security level when trying to add a DSA key. However, the already existing keys will not be affected in any way.

Currently, the platform supports the following SSH key types:

  • EdDSA
  • RSA

Subscription Based Solutions

CloudJiffy implements a native ability to offer products based on the subscription model. The flow is standard to the modern subscription services implementations – a one-time fee to get a designated product for a specified period. The solution gives you a fix-priced alternative to the default usage-based model.
All the available subscriptions are available at the Marketplace under a new Subscription Plans section. Upon selecting, you’ll see several plans to choose from (e.g. offering a different quantity of resources, additional features, etc.). Click the Buy button for the preferred option to see the purchase dialog. You can pay monthly or annually, enable auto pay with your default payment method, and set the required number of product instances in your subscription.
All the Subscriptions are added to the dedicated section in the account settings. Here, you can see all the relevant information on the subscriptions (including invoices), install/remove instances, and terminate the subscription.

Subscription Based Solutions

AlmaLinux 8 OS Support

What’s Changed?

Note: CloudJiffy no longer supports the previously used CentOS Stream 8 operating system template.

Extended Environment Metadata

Each environment on the platform has its common information stored via the dedicated JSON file. Such implementation simplifies various internal processes by allowing PaaS to get the required data quickly. Additionally, this data is utilized during the environment export operation. In the current platform upgrade, environments’ metadata was extended with a JSON field for various additional information (e.g. ProjectName or ProjectScope).

Custom Data in Cloud Scripting Response

Cloud Scripting is a platform-dedicated programming language developed for application packaging, operation automation, and complex CI/CD flows integration. This powerful automation tool implements popular solutions such as the Let’s Encrypt add-on or various auto-clusters. It can also be utilized by platform end-users to automate their own operations.

In the current 8.2.4 PaaS release, the ability to return custom data with the API request response was implemented. For example, it is used to add information on the skipped domains to the Let’s Encrypt add-on installation response.

SSL Installation Error Description

The platform offers multiple ways of working with the SSL security protocol for establishing an encrypted connection between environments and the web. However, sometimes the certificate installation fails without providing a user with a clear description of the issue. In order to help our customers, the non-descriptive “SSL installed with Error!” message was replaced with a more detailed response that is based on the actually occurred problem.

Refilling with 3DS Cards

3D Secure (3DS) protocol adds an extra layer of payment authentication for additional fraud protection during an online transaction. If used, the cardholder is asked to provide proof of identity by entering a unique password, an SMS code, or a temporary PIN. 3DS can be mandatory in some regions (e.g. Europe due to the Strong Customer Authentication regulation) and optional in others (but still can be used to reduce fraud).

When refilling the account balance using the saved payment method with the 3DS, the platform will provide an explicit notification that the invoice was created, but the transaction should be completed through additional external authentication.

API Changes

Below, you can find a list of all changes to the public API in the 8.2.4 platform version:

  • Added new methods to the environment > control service that allow adding and managing custom data in the environment – AddEnvProperty, RemoveEnvProperty, ApplyEnvProperty, GetEnvProperty
  • Added a new Billing > Subscriptions service with API methods to support the subscriptions feature

Software Stack Versions

The software stack provisioning process is independent of the platform release, which allows new software solutions to be delivered as soon as they are ready. However, due to the necessity to adapt and test new stack versions, there is a small delay between software release by its respective upstream maintainer and integration into CloudJiffy Platform.
That’s it!

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