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Dolibarr is an Open source ERP and CRM System for Freelancers, Foundations, SME, and Large Organizations. With a wide area of coverage like sales, human resources, logistics, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, foundation management, surveys, etc.


Dolibarr is built with customization and Simplicity in mind, so you can set the application as per your requirements. 

  • Simple to install
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to develop

A few features provided by Dolibar are as below: 


  • CRM & Sales 
    1. Prospects/Customers 
      • Add clients and prospects with custom parameters you desire. 
      • Assign a dedicated account manager to each client.  
      • Set follow-ups, status, reminders, etc for each client. 
      • Create or convert your quotes, commercial proposal, sales orders, interventions, invoices, etc.
    2. Opportunities 
      • Create quotes, proposals and share them through the application. 
      • Link all the necessary data to your prospects. 
      • List all the opportunities and have a more focused approach. 
      • Analyze your company performance. 
    3. Proposals
      • Create a new proposal or reuse old proposals and send it directly from the application
      • Predefined products
      • Custom Fields
      • Follow the proposal status
      • Analyze your performance
      • Export all the proposal to resue them with third-party tools
    4. Sales Orders
      • Create your own order or reuse old orders.
      • Predefined products
      • Custom Fields
      • Follow the order status
      • Analyze your performance
      • Export all the orders to resue them with third-party tools
    5. Contracts/Subscriptions
      • Create your own contracts or reuse old contracts.
      • Predefined products
      • Custom Fields
      • One time contact or recurring invoices. 
      • Follow contracts and manage them
  • Human resources
    1. Employees
      • Create employee records, suppliers or partners. 
      • Provide permission according to users and groups
      • Custom fields
      • Define Hierarchy, 
      • Manage leaves, expense reports. Wages, Salary
      • Customization available for each user as desired
    2. Expense Report
      • Employees can fill their own expense reports
      • Access rights
      • Validation and email approval
      • Payment records
      • Export data to a third party software
    3. Leave Requests
      • Define leaves and how to manage them
      • Create leave request
      • Approve/ Reject
      • Analyze, Follow, update balance for holidays
    4. TimeSheets
      • Fill your timesheet using the preferred interface
      • Project and task-based timesheet. 
      • See the impact of time spent on project profit
      • Analyze
  • CMS, Website, E-Commerce, POS
    1. CMS/Websites
      • Create new website from the template available or from scratch
      • Use the container/page architecture to mutualize content
      • Include dynamic content in your website
    2. E-Commerce
      • Integration with Commerce solution 
    3. Point of Sale
      • A touchscreen POS
      • Automatic Stock update
  • Product & Stock
    1. Product, Services
      • Create, update and manage your product catalog
      • Custom product fields
      • Managed your Selling and buying prices
      • Analyze your product’s performance
      • Manage Margines
    2. Stocks
      • Manage your Warehouse and Emplacements
      • Record your stock moments
      • Automatic virtual stock and easy reassort process
    3. Purchase, Approvisionning
      • Create and manage Purchase order
      • Grand access and define threshold to email notifications
      • Use stock dispatch wizard to receive products in your warehouse
      • Procurement Management
    4. Shipments
      • Create your shipment in one click from any order
      • Create custom shipment details
    5. Manufacturing
      • Create Custom BOM
      • Reuse predefined BOM  to generate your Manufacturing Orders
      • Lot and Serial Management
  • Finance and Billing
    1. Billing & Payments
      • Create your invoices from scratch or predefined products or from your customer sheet
      • Create invoices from your proposals, order, contracts, intervention
      •  Send invoices from the application and manage your payments
      • Follow the status of your pending invoices. 
      • Analyze your billing performance
    2. Bank Reconciliation
      • Make reconciliation with the bank
      • Keep a history of your bank receipts and read them without leaving your application
    3. Double-entry accounting
      • Set up your chart of account and your accounting number
      • Validate the accounting number before they are sent into your Ledger
      • Analyze
  • Marketing 
    1. Emailing
      • Create your email template using 
      • Customize your email using variables that will be replaced with personalized values for each recipient. 
      • Select your recipient from your existing data 
      • Duplicated your campaign
      • Integration with other email solutions. 
    2. Surveys
      • Create a custom pole as per your requirements (questions, durations, etc)
      • Multiple options like vote visibility to other users, add comments, receive emails for each vote, etc
      • Read and download poll results
  • Productivity
    1. Projects, Tasks
      • Create Projects, Leads or Opportunities
      • Follow Leads, Opportunities, Internal, customer or supplier projects
      • Define Visibility Access
      • Create Tasks and sub-tasks
      • Record time spent on each project/ tasks
      • Follow project /tasks progress
      • Get a complete project overview
    2. Interventions
      • Create intervention to do or done 
      • Attach your intervention to a project.
      • Use predefined product/ services
      • Link your intervention with events on the agenda, projects, orders, etc…
      • Convert your interventions into commercial proposals or invoices according to your desired workflow.
    3. Agenda
      • Create manually events, past or future
      • Record automatically events related to any business action
      • Read and search events using filters
      • Export events to other calendars
  • Inetgration & Development.
    1. API
      • Extract any data or push insert, update or delete record using our new REST APIs
      • Use your own Triggers and Hooks
    2. Connectivity with external tools
      • SSON(Single Sign-On)
      • Online Payment service
      • SMTP 
      • Integrate Google Services
      • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
      • One Time Password (OTP) or 2-Steps Authentication
      • RSS and more
    3. Import, Export
      • Export data in a few simple steps
      • Save export profile if you need to export often
      • Import data using any CSV or excel file.
      • Field mapping while importing
    4. Module Builder for developers
      • Set definition of new Objects you want to manage
      • Set definition of new Objects you want to manage
      • Activate and test your application, change code on the fly
      • Build the package and generate documentation in one click

Why use it on CloudJiffy?

  • Easy to manage
  • Charges based purely on consumption (Pay As You Consume pricing)
  • Real-time scaling with an increase in users
  • Data replication and backup solution to keep your data safe.
  • Highly secure infrastructure
  • Inbuilt CDN to cater to a worldwide audience


PHP 5.5+ and MariaDB 5.0.3+, MySQL 5.0.3+ or PostgreSQL 8.1.4+

PHP extension: gd, intl.


How to install Dolibarr on Cloudjiffy?




1 – Create Environment with Apache server and DB server

Click on New Environment > Select Apache and DB server


2 – Download

Take the web ssh of an application server and then go to document root and run the  below command:

git clone


3 – Enable the PHP extensions and set the document root

Enable the gd and intl extensions in the php.ini file.

Note: After enabling extensions in the php.ini file, restart the app server.

To enable extensions refer to the below link:

Set up your webserver to use “dolibarr/htdocs” as root. You can set document root in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf as



4  – Create the Database

The PHPMyAdmin link and its credentials you will get on your email when you create the environment. 

Open the PHPMyAdmin link in browser and add the details:

Create the database in it.


5  – Start the installation


  • Click on Next


  • Click on start


  • Add the Connection string,  it’s credentials which you got on the email. Also, add the database name.


  • Click on Next


  • Click on Next


  • Click on Next



  • Click on Next


  • Click on Go to Dolibarr (setup area). You will get the below screen.


  • Add the details and Login. You will be able to login to the Dashboard.


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