Install MQTT in Cloudjiffy at One-Click

Nowadays, MQTT is one of the most widely used protocols for IoT (Internet of Things) deployments. It utilizes a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging model, which is optimal for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, especially in conditions of low network bandwidth and/or limited resource capacities. Herewith, the base of any MQTT infrastructure is represented with a central messaging broker (server), Continue reading “Install MQTT in Cloudjiffy at One-Click”

Install OpenFaas – Serverless Functions on CloudJiffy PaaS at One-Click

Simple, powerful functionality from anywhere, any code, and autoscale. The main core of this service is to make it easy for developers to deploy event-driven functions, APIs, and microservices to Kubernetes. To get auto-scaling and metrics the code should be in a package or an existing binary in a Docker image.

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Dropwizard Automatic Build and Deploy to Cloud-Native Microservices

Today we keep covering the topic of building Java microservices, so decided to pay heed to a popular framework, called Dropwizard. Comparing to alternatives, this framework is pretty lightweight and rapid in getting web-services up and running. This makes it a perfect choice for microservice architecture.

In this article, we will go through the steps of building a Dropwizard based Java application as a JAR file and deploying it as a scalable microservice to the cloud. The process will be automated with a help of Dropwizard Fat Jar Builder that creates a Maven build node with a set of JVM servers and initiates the application deployment.

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