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How to install AVA in CloudJiffy? – AVA Installation Guide

What is AVA?

It is a new open-source platform for launching a new interoperable blockchain that has highly decentralized applications and new financial primitives. The platform provides you with complete control over various features like access control and the option to choose language or type of virtual machine to execute it with.


Why choose CloudJiffy for AVA?

  • Cost: With CloudJiffy’s ‘Pay As You Consume’ pricing model, you are only charged for the actual consumption.
  • Performance: CloudJiffy’s Auto Scaling feature allocates resources based on your requirements. This ensures you always have the best performance when needed.
  • One-Click: Installing AVA has never been easier. Just go to our Marketplace and click on Install. CloudJiffy will set up the platform and run it for you.
  • Ease of use: With our easy to use UI, you can manage your AVA instance in a few clicks.


How to install AVA?


Step 1: Go to our Marketplace

Step2: Search for AVA

Step 3: Give your environment a name and choose a location. We have 3 locations: India, Germany and the USA.

Step 4: Once installation is done, follow the commands to use AVA.

Don’t have a CloudJiffy account? Just visit our website and click on ‘Free Signup’ and get a trial for 14days.

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