Collaboration Feature in CloudJiffy

Every large project is a result of the joint effort of multiple people. However, different team members working in a single account is not an efficient workflow that can cause numerous problems (including security issues). CloudJiffy PaaS provides a reliable account collaboration feature that greatly facilitates joint development and management, ensuring successful and efficient collaboration. Continue reading “Collaboration Feature in CloudJiffy”

Install BitNinja in CloudJiffy with One-Click

BitNinja is an easy-to-use, maintenance-free server security tool. It acts as an agent that resides in your infrastructure and sends information about an attack to a cloud server.

The servers protected by BitNinja collect and exchange information about attacks with each other, accumulating a knowledge base. If the attack occurs on a server protected by BitNinja and the IP is blocked, it will be blocked on all servers protected by BitNinja around the world. This BitNinja technology is called a Deffense Network. Continue reading “Install BitNinja in CloudJiffy with One-Click”

OpenSearch Cluster

The OpenSearch Cluster is a community-driven, open-source search engine. It is most suitable for application search or log analytics cases, as it enables people to easily search, aggregate, view, and analyze data. OpenSearch provides a secure, high-quality search and analytics suite that can be easily modified and extended with additional functionality.

Tip : OpenSearch is derived from Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2, allowing the product to be freely used, modified, extended, monetized, and resold.

This guide provides information on:

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Highly Available and Auto-Scalable Magento Cluster v2

Magento is one of the best eCommerce CMS systems available today. Based on numerous IT technologies, it has a flexible modular architecture and an agile ecosystem that can be continually adapted, customized, and extended for an e-commerce website, benefiting from a large variety of embedded features like data catalog management, marketing tools, analytics, SEO engine optimization, reporting, etc. Choosing the right platform is the only first step.


The other, equally important, side of the coin is how to ensure the eCommerce system is constantly available for lots of concurrent users. The answer is in proper system architecture and in the ability to be scalable both vertically and horizontally.

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Nexus Repository Manager to the CloudJiffy Paas

If you are developing software without a repository manager you are likely missing a number of opportunities to reduce some pretty obvious inefficiencies. If everyone in your team has to hit Central to download artifacts you are loosing speed and efficiency. If you don’t have a local place to deploy artifacts you are forced to share binary artifacts using half-measures and compromises such as storing binaries in source control. Stop developing in the Dark Ages and start using a repository manager. Once you start using Nexus, you’ll wonder how you have ever functioned without it. Sonatype Nexus sets the standard for repository management providing development teams with the ability to proxy remote repositories and share software artifacts.

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WildFly Managed Domain in Containers: Automatic Micro Clustering and Scaling

Nowadays it’s easy to get up and running WildFly standalone server in a container but what if you need to enable clustering in Managed Domain mode which is one of the key features of Java EE in general. That is not so easy task. Some people claim it’s nearly impossible in the cloud-native world because Java EE clustering was designed before the era of the container. The old question at the official developers portal is still not answered with any adequate instruction that just proves the presence of the issue.

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Remote Collaboration with Mattermost Messaging Platform at Cloudjiffy PaaS

The situation with COVID-19 and global quarantine pushed many businesses to remote interaction among team members, as well as with partners and clients. Such a drastic change without thorough preparation can negatively impact business performance, which is especially true for companies with a lot of employees and departments.

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