Traditional VPS vs CloudJiffy : The Difference

Regardless of your website’s size, one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make is your choice of hosting. There are plenty of options, but each will fit different needs. However, choosing the wrong type of hosting can negatively impact your site’s performance. So the question that arises now is which plan will be best suited for hosting WordPress?

You might be familiar with the term VPS hosting, so let’s quickly run through it.


A VPS is fundamentally a server running within a server. One physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, each isolated from the others. This is achieved with the help of software, called a hypervisor, which segments the physical server and keeps each segment separate from the rest.


That being said, let me now introduce you to a more advanced and superior solution which can easily fit each of our different needs, including running WordPress hosting swiftly.


What is CloudJiffy?
CloudJiffy is a Container-As-A-Service that groups multiple containers into environments, providing unique features that make hosting services like WordPress a lot easier. CloudJiffy provides features such as auto-scaling, one-click hassle-free installation, Clustering and Auto deployment, CDN, etc.


Switching our focus back to VPS hosting, which makes it possible to have the services of a dedicated server without the cost associated with it. However, there are some potential issues that are inevitable with the VPS WordPress hosting.


1.Fixed VPS resources – no auto vertical scaling.

2. Scaling up during high traffic requires downtime.

3.Scaling down again is not possible at times ( cannot downgrade to lower plans on most VPS providers )

4.Fixed cost regardless of traffic.

5.No clustering. One server hosts everything. If the physical server fails, everything fails. If a service such as a web server or database server fails, the website goes down.

6.Maintenance cannot be performed without downtime.

7.Cannot perform A/B testing.

8.Suppose you’re hosting multiple WordPress sites on a VPS, and if anyone of these sites gets infected by a malware attack or if any one of these sites experiences a spike in traffic, all other websites in the network are going to be affected.


Coming to the brighter side of things, hosting WordPress on CloudJiffy has a good deal of advantages, some of which are:


1. No limitations on resources-truly automated scaling (both vertical and horizontal).
2. No downtime as the platform can autoscale vertically and horizontally depending on the traffic in real-time. 
3. CloudJiffy only charges for the resources you utilize, no fixed cost.
4. Clustering options available at the click of a button, failure of any one server will not affect the system as the cluster is spread across multiple servers.
5. Maintenance can be performed without downtime.
6. Multiple A/B testing can be performed.
7. No direct OS associated with the server, which nullifies the threat of a malware attack.
8. Hosting multiple WordPress sites on CloudJiffy is very easy due to the advanced layer of security and built-in multisite feature.
9. Out of the box solutions like CDN, monitoring and alert system, Firewall with each environment, etc.


If you don’t have a dedicated server administrator on your team, CloudJiffy can offer you peace of mind. By having CloudJiffy handle your websites, you can easily leverage its functionality to get your sites running optimally and securely without worrying about any downtime or performance.
Such a platform enables you to focus on your business rather than complex server management, while still taking advantage of all of the benefits that come with it.

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