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Cloudjiffy SSL Certificate

To secure your website URL, Cloudjiffy SSL is the best option. Let's see how it can be configured:
The Cloudjiffy SSL certificate offers:

  • Convenient Management - imagine the difficulty of deploying a new SSL certificate, while with Cloudjiffy this task is maximally simplified
  • Fast validation - domain level verification means that your site will be checked out and your security seal issued in as little time period as it's possible
  • Industry standard data encryption - get the increased convenience for the low price and without having to sacrifice your app’s safety. The strength given by Cloudjiffy SSL certificates makes your customers feel comfortable with the security you provide.

So, in order to get the Cloudjiffy SSL certificate, perform the following simple steps:

1. Log into your Cloudjiffy dashboard and open the topology wizard through either clicking the New Environment button at the top of your dashboard or selecting the Change Environment Topologyi con next to the existing environment.

2. In the opened dialogue frame, click on the SSL button above the servers blocks to the left and turn the Cloudjiffy SSL switcher on.

Type the name of your new environment and select Create or just Apply the new settings for an existing one.

Done! you only have to do this.

Now, upon clicking on the Open in browser button for this environment, you'll see that communication with it is performed over the HTTPS protocol.


  • CloudJiffy SSL is only available for sites at * but not for your custom URLs
  • CloudJiffy SSL will be disabled if you switch on IPv4 for any node in your environment

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