Deploy Liferay to Cloudjiffy PaaS

Liferay Portal is a popular enterprise Java-based web platform for building business solutions, equipped with the features that are commonly required for the development of websites and portals. It includes a built-in web CMS with an assembly of themes, pages, portlets, and gadgets available.


  • Full-featured Web Publishing
  • Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework
  • Out-of-the-box Tools
  • User Personalization
  • Role Based Content Delivery
  • Unified Documents and Media
  • User-Driven Workflow
  • Auditing and Performance Monitoring
  • Team-Based Site Editing
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Social Networking and Analytics
  • Built-in High Availability Features
  • Standards-Based

You can have a Liferay instance up and running within minutes using Cloudjiffy one-click install option.


Why use it on CloudJiffy?

  • Easy to manage.
  • One-Click Installation.
  • Charges based purely on consumption (Pay As You Consume pricing) This helps you save cost.
  • Real-time scaling with an increase in users.
  • Data replication and backup solution to keep your data safe.
  • Highly secure infrastructure.
  • Inbuilt CDN to cater to a worldwide audience.


Environment Creation

Through the Cloudjiffy web interface, a Liferay instance can be automatically deployed in a few clicks.



Step 1: Login to CloudJiffy
    Go to

    Login using your credentials.


Step 2: Click on “Marketplace” to view the list of applications that can be installed automatically.

Step 3: A new window displaying the Apps will open, Select the “Liferay” instance and click on “Install”.

Step 4:  In the opened installation dialog box:

  • type Environment name to be used as its internal hostname
  • optionally, specify environment Display Name (so-called alias, for being shown within dashboard and SSH terminal)
  • select an environment Region (if multiple ones are available)

Click Install and wait a bit to be shown a notification message on this process completes.

In a minute, you’ll see a popup frame informing you about the successful package installation.

That’s it! Your Liferay is ready for work now. 

Click on the Open in Browser button, after the page is successfully loaded, you can create your account, confirm the configuration and start using all the provided capabilities of this application!


Don’t have a CloudJiffy account? Visit and click on Free Signup for a free 14 days trial.

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